Paste text into multiple new stickies

I wish there were a way to paste text on the clipboard (with line breaks) into multiple sticky notes. Line break = new sticky.

Right now, I have to individually paste each list item or bulleted item into a sticky. Being able to select a list of text, copy it, and somehow generate a bunch of stickies — each one being one item in the list — would be a big time saver.

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Hi @John_Alton, you can try using “Create Sticky From Text” plugin.

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That’s it! Thank you!

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My teammates and I can’t get this plugin to work; any others out there that are more reliable?

Unfortunately, I didn’t find another plugin.

I noticed your comment on this plugin’s page, you mention copying spreadsheet data. FigJam supports pasting copied cells from a spreadsheet, which turns each one into a sticky note. That is, you can do without the plugin and use the standard FigJam function. For more information, see the Help Center article:

I’m not sure if this works, writing from mobile, but Automater has the ability to Copy Selection and Paste Text.

If you copy 1 layer, you’ll paste the text from that layer to every text layer from current selection.

If you copy multiple layers, it will paste the text from the layers matching the position (is more natural then i explain here…)

I didn’t test it on Figjam, but it should work. :thinking:

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