Panels resize issue-plzz help

plzzz help! Suddenly & unintentionally all the panels (top & sides) got super tiny cannot use them or even read them. Standart solution View/ resize panel/ cmd option 0 doesn’t work.
Does anyone experience this issue ?!
Thanks in advance

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Hi Gleb, first thing I’ve tried was changing figma interface scale as well as a browser scale. It all works only on canvas; I can zoom in and out easily but all the panels are not affected and remind micro… :disappointed_relieved:

Uff, got it! for everyone who has that issue, that’s the solution. Magnifying glass is not visible in the browser URL by default so it must be accessed from the browser view menu.

The regular zoom shortcuts only zoom in/out the artboards area. I needed to click on the small magnifying glass icon in the right-side browser URL area in order to reset the text size and panel size of the top bar and side panels. Thx @ forum

Magnify Icon in Browser

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