Overlapping object within auto layout + vertical scrolling issue

I am designing for a vertical scrolling area (mobile phone - swiping area) that shall extend automatically.
So I would like to use “Auto layout” using: “Hug contents / top”.
Inside that frame, I have a hero section that has an overlapping horizontal card slider, followed by different other sections. By adding content to those sections the scrolling area will get longer.

You see the light blue card.
Let’s assume the dark-blue area is “auto layout” (constraints: hug contents).
Is there any possibility to move this card slightly outside of this auto layout area (similar to what you see)?
Important: The ‘auto layout’ has a padding of e.g. 10px.
Even in this case the size shall not change.
Similar issue: You see the second section (frame) which are movable cards. How I can move this are over the auto layout area? (currently it’s done with fixed layout - but I would like to change this); alternative: can I stretch the blue background over the auto layout area?
Currently there is no choice: As I am not able to achieve a) and b) I designed this as fixed layout.
The other sections below are all auto layout areas.
If I am putting the fixed and the auto layout areas inside a vertical scrolling area it seems to break.
How I can fix that?

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