Option to display var() or hex code at Dev mode when copying color variable


Please make an option to remove the hex as shown on the image.

I was creating a design system using figma, then I try to mimic it on my website using css variables. This hex code is not necessarry when you already created the variables. Perhaps you can give an options dropdown whether to display hex or the variable names.

It be super handy to see the color code next to the color name
I currently refactoring my design system and reassign all color styles to variables and it’s a pain - I need to manually check each element’s color code to be sure .

Would be helpful to have this as an option—we’re using styles that link to color variables that have different modes depending on brand color, and when the code snippet displays our current (placeholder) color mode, it’s also giving the corresponding hex value which will be different from the placeholder 99% of the time.

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