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Option to allow all Team Members to access file via link

It would be an additional setting under the share dialogue of a file that would say something like “Anyone from Team with the link can…” [edit/view]


My company is agile and every 2 weeks I need to create a file for the current sprint with various pages (user stories). I need to link out to specific pages to members of my team for quick access, but upon hitting the link they get access denied because they were each not explicitly invited to said file.

Working Example:

All Team A members have Can View privileges.
Project Cat / File Kitten / Page 1 is under Team A.

I as File Kitten owner, want to share a direct link to Page 1, but I only want Team A members to be able to access the link, not the public. I also don’t want to need to manually add all 20 members of Team A to File Kitten in order for the link to be accessible.

OK, I’ve gotten a response from Figma. Apparently this is a current capability, its just that its not quite clear in the UI itself:

  1. Click the link sharing setting.
  • Select Anyone with a link to allow anyone to access the file using the file link.
  • Select Only people invited to this file if you only want team members and anyone you invite to the file or project to access the file.

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