On smaller mobile displays, the top of the frame is cut off

Please don’t laugh at my newbie question :-). The situation is as follows:

  1. Using the iPhone 14 frame size, I created a prototype.
  2. On my iPhone XR, the top of the prototype is cut off
  3. The problem only occurs when viewing in the Figma app. I can scroll freely in Safari to expose the cut-off area.

Is there a way to make Figma behave more like Safari?

Hey @BTSMerchandise_Store,

An iPhone 14 has a frame size of 390 x 844, whereas an iPhone XR has a display of 375 x 812, which is causing the top of your design to be cut off when trying to view from your iPhone XR.

An iPhone XR is the same size as the iPhone 11 Pro / X frame. It’s located under Frame > Archive, as shown in the attached screenshot. You can try recreating your prototype with a frame size more suited to your device.