Odd numbers appear every time I move object. Bug?

When I move objects in Figma using move tool and alignment either of them make my spacing to odd number.

In this picture my X axis value always odd. I make it even using my arrows keys. But when I use mouse it became odd. Always 0.74 or 0.24

I thought I might did something to this happen but now every time I move something it became odd.
You guys encounter anything like that? It happened to me before but they go normal somehow.

Thank you for replying @tank666 but it is enabled already. It seems like when you working on big file during long duration of time this kind of thing appears it is just my guess.

I only get .24 or .76 fractured odd number there is no other number happened to me.

The frame these objects are in is at odd coordinates.

yes it is true frame’s X coordinate has value{ -26155.24 }, even after I set this coordinate to even number{ -26155 } it still happening …

Then nested frames have uneven coordinates. Use the plugin Pixel Perfect to fix all nested frames’ positions.

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Thank you for your response. I will try the solutions you provide. :slight_smile: