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Nested components with variants don't change size with instance of main component

When I change the state of a nested component and If that nested component changes sizes. When I create an instance of that main component, it will not adjust the size, even with auto layout.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

See gif:
component not working

It’s difficult to see what is going on in the gif, can you provide a video?

Trying to upload a video. Unable to do it. Here is a larger gif, but a trimmed section. This is showing only the instance of the main component not working.

I’ll have rhat same issue, color change works but size don’t. Tried to do icon wrapper.

I figured out the issue. My nested component didn’t have auto-layout applied to it. As soon as I applied auto-layout to the nested component with variants it worked.

Hopefully, this helps others.

Well now I feel dump :smiley: That did it. Sometimes you just lose track of nested components. In this IconWrapper case only hit was that the size was fixed not hug contents

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