Nested component: Cannot change property "Size"

Hi there,

I have an avatar component that has multiple properties including a size (variations are made using variants). I included the avatar to a parent component that has it’s own properties

Issue: I cannot change the size of the avatar component from the parent component. I can interact with the property dropdown but it has no effect while all other properties can be updated (square, picture, notification, status).

Here is an image as a summary for my issue

Do you have any idea why this is not working? I’m pretty sure there’s a logic explanation but cannot figure it out by myself. Thank you !

Unfortunately, I don’t see how your component is made, but I can assume that you didn’t add Auto Layout to it.

See examples of how to do this:

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Thanks for your reply @tank666 :raised_hands:
Tried to follow linked advices and implemented auto-layout on nested components but the issue remains the same. Let’s say I can live with it :slight_smile:

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