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Montserrat styles incomplete?

Hello, was wondering what happened to the other styles available for Montserrat? Right now I can only see 3:

  • Medium
  • Semibold
  • Bold


But on the Figma website for Montserrat font pairings, it’s clearly listed here that there should be 18 font styles: Typography — Learn with Figma

I asked other friends and they have the list for the second image. Can anyone help? :confused:

@ChiSenires Are you using the Google font version or a local instance of it? Figma will prioritize local font versions over the default set of Google fonts. Make sure to check that you have the additional weights installed locally. :slight_smile:

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Possibly you might have only those styles installed by Adobe Fonts

I haven’t checked if this is due to Adobe Fonts actually! I’ll try checking that out when I have more time to tinker around my computer :laughing: This caused me real design hours :frowning_face:

Yeah, that’s what I found as well after snooping around online and asking my local Figma community. What’s weird though is I couldn’t “uninstall” the Monsterrat fonts that I had on my computer (the 3 styles). I resorted to just installing the fonts manually from the source itself :sweat_smile:

I needed to finish something that needed all the font styles… :grimacing: