Making editor design/app/demo - anyone?

Making editor design/app/demo. The editor would be multi and be like like a normal editor

Making note app/demo.
How to add an editor to app
What are the different ways to do this?

Editor would be fullscreen take up the entire space of the app
Like google docs editor or any other normal editors

There must be some feature in figma where you can add an editor or some text input (thats fullscreen) ?

Want app to have a fully black background, including editor

Videos/links helpful, especially if theres any good ones

Is there anyone here whos made a note app/demo or know how to do this?

Nope, there are no ways to add any kind of working text inputs in Figma. You can only make a static mockup showing how the editor would look.

oh… that makes it easy…

fig can do ‘interactions’
i guess ‘entering text’ doesnt count as an 'interactions

@noteappmaeke are you still looking for text input?
I’m building one and am curios about how you would use it.