Can't edit text

It’s getting frustrating and interrupting my work. I write a text but I can’t edit it anymore, Figma doesn’t allow. I can select it and delete inside it but I can’t write anything so I need to create a new text window and write all over again.


This makes problems especially when I copy and paste element, or if I use material design kit, I can’t use it because I can’t rename the components. Very frustrating. Please look into it or tell me if I am missing something.

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I had a similar issue where I could use the Enter key and delete key, but not edit text.

Oddly, I could create a new text box, type in it, but then not edit again afterwards…

I discovered (by a lot of trial and error and retracing my steps) that I have several keyboards installed on my Mac as I work in different languages. If I clicked to change language, suddenly the ability to type returned…

Hi! I am experiencing the same problem. Would you be so kind as to share how you resolved yours? Thanks in advance

Hi Mariya! So as it turns out you need to select the text and go to the top of Figma and you have there some icons and press first one and that is how you edit trxt. Took me some time but ot was it.

Hi, Thanks for the quick response! But it does not work this way either…

Here is an update. I figure out that one of my Chrome extension initiate this issue. I removed it and everything is fine now.