Little Big Updates FOR ADMINS

Admins assemble! We all love the little quality of life improvements brought by the “Little Big Updates” series. How about a little love for all hard-working Figma admins who have to often work around suboptimal UX and spend way more time than needed tediously solving administrative problems?

Post your little big proposals here and let’s hope one day they all come in a big juicy update. I’ll start:

  1. The modal when requesting an upgrade to Editor includes a small text field to write a reason but it is very unnoticeable. No matter what we do, people ignore it unconsciously because it just doesn’t even look like a text field. Please add a label on top of it saying “Write a reason for upgrade” and make the text field 2 or 3 lines high.

  2. To have an option to make the Upgrade request reason mandatory would also make our lives way easier.

  3. It is unbelievable that in the Figma Notifications UI, the reasons written for Upgrade requests or access requests are not visible, only via Email. Fix this.

  4. When rejecting an access or upgrade request via Figma, give an option to write a reason for rejection. Also via Email, replying to the request Email sends the message to, when normally one wishes to write the requester.

  5. Inside the Members lists of Teams, it is incredibly difficult to find out who the Owner and Admins of that team is, or who can Edit. Because all members are sorted alphabetically, one has to go carefully through the whole list (sometimes hundreds of members!!) to find that out. A simple filter at the top would fix this infuriating situation.

  6. As soon as a Team has no Owner, an option for Org Admins and Workspace Admins should be available: “Take ownership”. Alternatively, an existing Team Admin could be automatically upgraded to Owner.

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Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.