My own requests for the next "Little Big Updates" (LBU) for Figma!

Hello Figma Community and Figma Team!

I loved our last video for LBU and it inspired me to compile this list of things that I find are really beneficial to have in Figma and to teams in general.

Please see the 17 new ideas below and feel free to contact me if there are things that need more explaining. :pray:

1. FigJam: Have the option to count all the Stamps without having a Voting Poll active, I do find it hard to track all our stamps and it tends to get messy when doing polls as sometimes we miss some stamps not being counted.

2. Variables: Have the option to move a Group to another Collection, PLEASE ADD THIS ONE

3. Text Tool: Having the ability to type text on paths

4. Component Properties: Having the option to allow a nested/child component to be duplicated within the main component. A good example is forms with multiple text fields

5. Variables: Having support for Padding in numbers

6. Text Styles: If I have a text style applied to a paragraph with regular weight if I highlight 1 word on this paragraph and hit on my keyboard “⌘ + B” to bold that word instead of breaking the link of that style, if Figma can see that I have that same style but in Bold weight it would be ideal to use that instead of unstyling it because either way I will need to apply it manually.

7. Vector Paths: I spend most of my time creating icons and graphics in Figma and one thing I keep on getting tripped by is a lot of the time when outlining vector graphics that are not created in Figma it tends to not be easy to edit in Figma especially with Boolean Operations when doing shape Subtractions and when outlining a Stroke it might not outline it properly.

8. Variables: Having the option to Duplicate a row with “⌘ + D”

9. Variables: Having the option to select multiple rows and update their “Color Scoping” all at once. It’s too much work to go over every single row and set up the same options, especially when you have a large library it can get time-consuming and you would most likely miss stuff.

10. Variables: After setting up my “Color Scoping” I tend to run into scenarios where I would like to use this color differently than what I had set up, so I would prefer to have a toggle option in the Color Window for Scoping where I can toggle “Off Scoping” to show all colors so I can use that color for that specific case and then turn the toggle on for a better shortlist.

11. Variables: When I have a row selected in a specific Group when I Create a new Variable it always places it at the very top of the list and I have to always drag things back where I want them to be

12. Variables: Display hex code beside the Variable name in the Dropdown Window when I’m applying my Primitive colors. When setting up my color system I’m testing between different types of colors so seeing the different hex codes helps me know that this is the recent color change I have done. Also if this is confusing we can have a keyboard shortcut where when I hover over the Variable Name I can hold down the “Option” key and it will show me the Hex Code instead.

13. Variables: Allow me to search/filter my Variables in the Variable Window, sometimes you just want to target a specific word in a variable name so you can see how many variables are using this labeling

14. Variables: I would like to see my variables list on the right sidebar where we have our Local Styles at also have the option to edit them just like we can do with color styles, and I don’t mind if we need to create a new variable the Variable Window opens by default, but for visibility and editing I I really like to see it on the Local Styles sidebar.

15. Variables: The Variable Window always has my list showing all the sub-groups visible when opened, which makes my list too long and I tend to collapse them a lot just to reduce how busy my Library is when looking at it

16. Download Option: Figma doesn’t have the Download option for Videos, Gifs, and Images. I find this is quite a needed feature as it would be ideal for hand-off. This is downloading the original files and NOT re-exporting them which changes the formatting. I currently use Google Drive for this which is not ideal.

17. Lastly! Bring Cursor reactions to Figma files!! love the “!!!” shaking my speech bubble especially when my colleagues are about to ruin my designs lol. I would also add more reactions since they provide instant/live feedback when collaborating.

Again thanks to the Figma Team for making Figma great a tool for Designer :smiling_face:

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Hello! This is a fantastic list of requests and feedback. It’s much appreciated on my end :grinning:

I’m going to slightly re-title your topic for the moment. I think there are some alternative / workarounds that can address some of your points, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

I’ll let the community weigh in, but also re-comment if I can remember something.

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I was thinking of breaking them down into separate posts since I’m not seeing much attraction on this post. I do talk about a lot of features all around Figma and FigJam which makes this post less focused. So will break them into different posts so that people who have similar interests can comment on these ideas and it will be generally easy to find too

It has this feature in Dev mode (always had)

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Nice thx Gleb, this is very handy. But when it comes to my Product team they don’t use the Dev Mode so it’s weird to switch to that mode to have that one thing. But this is better than not having anything. Thx again for the tip :pray: