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Please improve organization admin experience, which destroyed my daily life

I’m not sure if any figma staff will hear this but I want to make this request. PLEASE IMPROVE ORGANIZATION ADMIN EXPERIENCE. The awful experience has been destroying my daily life every day.

The story began last year when I joined a large company. They use figma, which had a huge attraction for me because I love figma but few companies use figma in China. There were 30 editors in figma when I joined. Our group was in charge of figma admin stuff because it’s used by us at first.

I just needed to spend several hours removing unintended editors at the very beginning, but things gradually become out of control when more and more members join figma and use figma. For now, we have almost 5000+ members and 300+ editors and I have to spend almost 2 weeks handling this. 2 weeks, I stopped everything to handle this, can you believe it?

Why I spent 2 weeks?

First, members in figma organization can upgrade themself as an editor, which will be charged as $45/mon, without admin notified. To control the budget I have to remove some editors every day, otherwise, there will be tons of editors in your organization waiting in the billing. So I request figma to disable viewers to upgrade themself.

Second, in a large company, different departments don’t share the same billing. In our company, every department has their own budget and each one only pay for their own part. I have to split 300+ editors into each department, which is really huge work. So I request figma to provide billing-split natively.

These two are the most painful point but there are also some other places about admin experience needed to be improved, which including:

  • sharing access control
  • guest should be approved by the admin
  • don’t allow anyone to create a team

I used to send so many emails to talk about this but still get no progress. I also posted a topic in the forum and even made some design proposals.

Today I talk this to our IT team, sounds like they didn’t want to take this over. Some colleagues have left so the only one to take it over is me, a designer.

I guess I will also leave next year because this makes me feel tired, and I’ll never buy an organization plan, professional plan is much better.


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