Library Updates not recognized without refresh

  1. Make changes to library
  2. Publish
  3. Go to other tab with open project
  4. No library updates detected

Am I missing something? Should library updates automatically show up?

They usually do show up. I would guess for large libraries it could take a bit of time until the update is loaded properly. But it definitely could be a bug, so I recommend you to report it to Figma support team via or the support request form.

This problem still exists. I’m updating a large library, sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it doesn’t. Right now I’m pissed because it’s taking too long, that’s why I’m reviving this topic.

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Guys, I found a solution. I just copied the updated component from the original file and pasted on the file that I wanted to force update, then the update modal showed itself.

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Also, make sure your component is not conflicting properties before publish.

This problem is still happening, where is the fix?!

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I have entire libraries, not sustainable fix but I am glad there is something, I don’t have conflicting properties in mine either. This sucks

Having the same issue here. Used to push me the updates from an external library file to the current project file automatically (with the black overlay in the right bottom corner), but now it doesn’t anymore. Not after a while either. Only works whenI either close and reopen (then I get the modal) or I do this manually by going to the asset panel in the current project file and update there. Where is Figma’s automatic notification gone to?

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I face this issue as well, it could be solved by providing a force refresh option in the libraries and updates window. This is a big issue when the design library is going through constant changes, because team members will just break components and make small adjustments rather than reload the tab for every change that gets published.

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I am experiencing the same issue. Latest Figma Pro update: version 116.17.11
Library freshly created, made of 50 variables and ca. 30 components. Nothing big.