Let's talk about freelance rates

Hello everyone,
I know this is a sensitive topic, and this might not be the right place to talk about rates but we are all on the same boat so why not?

The reason why I’m posting here is to gauge -more or less- what the current rates are in our industry. I haven’t raised my freelance rates in 3 years and I just can’t find any information on the internet on this topic. I’m reading anywhere from $30 to $300 an hour which is only confusing me.

So the questions are:

  • How much do you think a senior product designer could charge per hour?

  • Also, what is your pricing model? eg: hourly rate, day rate, retainer, by project…

If you could share your thoughts, this information will hopefully be useful to other people as well.


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Average Pricing for Different Types of Product Design

Project Type Hourly Per Project
Concept Design $45–$105 per hour $100.00 and up
Product Design $45–$105 per hour $100.00 and up
Mechanical Design $45–$125 $5,000–$10,000
Industrial Design $45–$150 $5,000–$10,000
Prototyping $50–$120 $2,000 and up
Electronics Design $100–$150 $10,000 and up
Architectural Design $35–$75 10% of total building cost

Ohhhh, so expensive.