Is it OK to offer pay for help?

Greets, in a hurry as usual!! I am evaluating suitable tools to produce a design prototype for an interface to include research paper. The interface should be designed to embed the novel concepts presented in the paper, Nothing too difficult, just certain parameters and a data model described in the research. It is taking me a lot of work just to figure out how to work Figma, and I am afraid I may have to leave out the prototype from the submission (due in 3 days) so I am thinking, would it be OK to find an expert on this forum willing to spend an hour or so to produce a design (I can do the mockup on paper and send then jpg for what I am looking for), and maybe pay them> Lateralso give me a guided walkthrough. Not sure I could the walktrough on the site. Thank you!!

Hey there,

I can help you create this design prototype. You can reach out to me on

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