Please help me understand dev mode pricing plan

Hello everyone :wave:t3:
As a developer I wanted to upgrade to Figma’s Pro Plan so I can access to Dev Mode but as I understand I have to pay for this for every team I’m part of? :scream:
Is this correct? This would be €15/mo for each teams?
I mean, as a freelance developer I’m part of several teams at the same time, I don’t see it possible for me to upgrade for every project I’m currently working on. :cry:
Am I missing something?
Thanks for your help :pray:


I am hitting the same issue from a freelance designer perspective, if I give access to a developer in my 1-person team, I have to pay for every developer – for any number of months… it’s crazy. Can’t they just access my file via their own paid plan?

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I would really be happy to pay for this feature so I could use it in any team I’m in :innocent:
Maybe I’m not seeing the problem this would bring for Figma :thinking::sweat_smile:

At the moment the only option I have is to pay 15€/month to use dev mode for the one team I’m currently working with and I just hope I can finish the project during that month.
Then I can pay 15€ for another team for another month.
But with this solution I don’t get the advantage to pay 12€ discount for a full year.

I hope they will find a nice solution for us soon.

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