LAUNCHED: Copy from version history

It would be great if it was possible to directly copy elements from an earlier version of a document. Right now you have to duplicate the file to be able to access selection/copying.


Yes! I don’t use it too often, but when I do it would be so helpful to be able to select.


Not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but maybe this plugin can help you: Figma - Frame History | The fastest way to save your work and look back at previous iterations. No more manual hassle - g...

You can use it to save versions of your work, and then there shouldn’t be any problem to copy elements from an earlier version.

Is that helpful?

From what I understand, you would use that plugin to start a new version history for a single element, which is not what I’m after.

My issue was that I deleted a bunch of photos in my file earlier the same day that I wanted back. To get them back I would have to open the file’s version history, duplicate a certain earlier version, open that duplicate, copy the old photos, paste them into my main document, and then finally delete the duplicate. What I propose instead is the option to select and copy elements when you’re in the version history “mode”. This way you would skip the duplication steps :slight_smile:


Same here, it’s really annoying that need to duplicate file + if copy between files, all the components are becoming frames.


Every time I want to use the “Version History” feature, I simply want to copy something I accidentally deleted. It feels annoying to have to duplicate the file, copy something from it, and delete it when I’m done. I don’t want to clutter things up and it often makes me hesitate using the version history vs. just redrawing the element again.

If you enable copying elements from the “Show version history” mode, it will make it more painless to recover lost work.


I have accidentally deleted an art-board or component from my design but didn’t catch it recently enough that the ol’ ctrl-z will solve my problem. When I go through version history, I have to create a duplicate file of the historic file, open it, find the missing item, then navigate to my current file and paste there. It would be great if I could copy directly from that version history view. I believe Sketch has a similar functionality.

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As above, pretty much the only reason I look at version history is in order to grab some lost piece of the design. Requiring us to duplicate the file introduces several unwanted steps into that process (now I have a duplicate file to worry about).


The main reason for me to go into Version History is because I want to look at a previous version of a design to recover it or copy it into my current version for comparison.

Right now I have to:

  1. duplicate the file
  2. find the same frame I was just looking at (which is difficult)
  3. copy
  4. go back to my most recent file
  5. close history
  6. paste
  7. close duplicate file
  8. go to home tab
  9. find the duplicate file
  10. delete it (and make sure to not delete the wrong one)
  11. switch back to the tab for my most recent file

Instead I would like to:

  1. copy element
  2. close version history
  3. paste

Just here to agree with everyone. Figma team, please take this into consideration.

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+1 to this. Usually I don’t use version history much but now-a-days while collaborating with larger audience of stakeholders it comes handy as I would mostly clean up the file and keep 1 page for less confusion for everyone. Figma please please please bring this feature!!

Same. I would like to be able to simply copy some elements from an old version. V V clunky to have to duplicate, copy, delete.

I ran into the same use-case, and I found that it is possible to select and copy elements from the layers panel to the left. You can also right-click inside a frame and get this context menu:

But if you aren’t naming all of your layers (who does?) it can be difficult to select the right one. It would be a lot better if the selection could be done directly on the canvas!


Interesting. So it’s actually possible to copy stuff, just very annoying/cumbersome. Thanks a lot!

Just found out as well that you can indeed copy an element by right-clicking it’s name in the Layer Panel on the left.

Happy to see it’s possible after all. Maybe this feature has always been there. Not sure.

@Patrick-Plaggenborg I don’t see the ability to see layers when viewing version history?


For some reason you can’t click the layers on the canvas to select them.

What does work:
In the left hand sidebar you can see all layers. You’re able to select them from there.

It’s still a bit tedious to find the right layer, but it’s already a bit better than duplicating the history state as a file to select a layer.

Hey All, thank you for your patience!

Users are now able to select and copy items on the canvas while viewing version history!

Learn more here:

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