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Is this strange jiggle while using smart animate a bug?

Hello guys!

I’m using Figma for about a year now — totally having a blast with it!

For some reason, I have this strange jiggle while using smart animate. I think it’s a bug because all the properties are the same. Sometimes it appears, sometimes it’s not. I did try to find a pattern, but couldn’t understand what causes it. It’s not a huge issue but kinda bothers me a bit.

I’m using the desktop app and my laptop ain’t the most powerful, so maybe it’s the root of the bug.

Also, can I post my personal website design here on this forum for a review? I’m not sure it’s a great place, but it seems there is a lot of good designers who can help to improve one’s skills, heh.

Edit: ahem, please don’t mind mistakes in the text — it’s just a draft :grin:

Hey, I have this problem too.
I think it has to do with the prototype scaling options you get.
In the top right of your prototype viewer, you can select options and choose a different scaling method. For me, the only option that consistantly solves this jigglying problem is by putting it into “100% Display at full size”

Otherwise, I often use the Figma mirror App to view my designs on my phone. This one doesn’t seem to have any of these problems either.

I hope this helps, if you haven’t found anything helpful by now :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply! At least, you replied to my question. I think you are right about scaling thing, because I’m using “100% width”.