Interactive form components boilerplate design system?

For a new project, I’d like to avoid creating interactive form components from scratch. Any good suggestions?

Alternatively I’d appreciate if someone could explain me the simplest way of creating a select box with a number of options and where clicking the option then also is reflected in the component’s state afterwards.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @loremipsumdolor, thank you for reaching out!

If you want to avoid creating components from scratch. I’d suggest checking out our community resources, there are templates with components you can use.

If you want to take a look at the free resources you can filter them out.

Are you trying to achieve a checkbox with checked and unchecked boxes?
If so I’d recommend watching the following YouTube video:

You will find plenty YouTube videos on Figma components on Youtube. Alternatively, you can check out our Help Center article: Create interactive components with variants.

Let me know if you’re getting stuck on a step, happy to walk you trough it or help out further!