Instance swap properties are somewhat limiting


I’ve got a button component with an icon. I apply an instance swap property to the icon so I can control it from the side panel while the button component is selected. :metal:t2:

The issue:

The instance swap property is preventing me from swapping the instance when I have the icon selected directly. To swap the instance, I must first move back up the layer stack to select the parent button component, use the instance swap property, then re-select the icon directly to change variant options like style and size.


If a component has an instance property attached, don’t prevent users from swapping its instance when it’s directly selected. Instead, sync its state with the instance swap property.


100%! I ran into the same issue.

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Even though it seems great at first, we had to decide to leave instance swap out of our design system for now because it disables the “normal” method of swapping instances

This was a deal-breaker because we thought it would cause confusion for designers that aren’t familiar with the new features and missed the swap at the parent level. Seems like an easy fix!

Good news! They’re apparently aware of this.

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Glad to hear this is a known limitation! If the item being swapped has its own properties, we should be able to edit those too from the parent component! Excited for a release on this.

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