Can't choose instance when creating an instance swap property

[ Edit: it looks like you can’t apply the instant swap property to a component variant within a given component. It worked when I removed the variants from the component set and simply put those components in an auto-layout frame.]


I have a button component with an icon. The icon is a (variant) instance of a component set. The icon instance is at top level of the button component – not nested. There are no errors in the icon component set (e.g., no duplicate names, etc.) Both the button component and the icon component set are local.

When I try to add an instance swap property to the icon instance in the button, it doesn’t allow me to select an instance of the component set to choose the default icon for the button: I can only select the component set itself.

The same thing happens when I try to choose an icon from the button instance.

Am I doing something wrong? Please view the attached video.

Hi Joseph,
Try create icons with Create multiple component,
and name component like:

I had the same problem here. I think “Instance swap property” should work with variants as well. I had to ‘break’ the Variants in order to swap this on the father element. =(
Hope fig guys fix this.

Same here, got the same issue.

This would be a huge step if we could 'instantly swap property" with variants and not with multiple component.


instead of swapping this would just mean showing all properties of all child elements at all levels. this is something that a nice plugin does today already (im not its creator, just user)

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