Instance Component Auto Layout Behaviour

I have a master component (simple menu with icon left side, text right side) set up on auto layout so that when you hit Cmd + D on the icon and text auto layout frame that duplicated frame sits vertically in relation to the first frame, all inside the full component.

When I make an instance of that component and repeat the process (hit Cmd + D on that same text/icon frame), that new frame duplicates outside the component.

Anybody have any ideas?

That’t not how instances work. You can’t add or remove stuff in an instance (that would defy the purpose of instances). What you can do though is have a certain number of lines prepared in your master component (say 8), and hide/show them in your instance (you can use “Delete” for that but they will simply hide/show) to have the amount you need.

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Many thanks for taking the time to reply Antoine, that was really helpful :grinning: