Inquiry Regarding Figma Subscription and Response Time

Recently, my team purchased an annual subscription for 9 copies of Figma under Team B, primarily to utilize the devMode feature. However, upon attempting to access content from another team (Team A), we encountered difficulties with the devMode feature not functioning as expected. (I know it’s a stupid question)

In light of this situation, we’re seeking clarification and potential solutions. Specifically, we have two inquiries:

  1. How long does it typically take to receive a response from Figma support regarding subscription-related inquiries or refund requests? We’re eager to understand the expected timeline for resolving such matters.
  2. Additionally, we’re exploring options such as requesting a refund for the Team B subscription or transferring it to Team A, where the content we need to access resides. We’re curious to know if such requests are feasible and what steps would be involved in the process.

If any community members have had similar experiences or insights into Figma’s support processes, we would greatly appreciate your input and advice.

If you got similar situation, Please share anything.
Thank you for your attention

Hi Kiyong, thank for reaching out to us! I saw in our back end that you have filled out a ticket to the support team, and they’ve replied to you (we are able to cancel the pending upgrade you just made, and cancel the subscription associated with your team). For your reference, your ticket number is #909620. Please check your inbox, thank you!