Figma support not responding after 2 days

I opened a ticket regarding a refund. After 2 days the ticket is still open and after numerous attempts to get their attention no one has responded.

Can anyone shed light on how I can get Figma to respond and refund me the charge.
Thank you.

Hey Valentyn,
Sorry for the late response! Our support team usually takes up to 24 hours to reply back to emails - tends to be quicker than that in normal circumstances. However, please be aware that we are facing increased contact volume so there might be a delay.

Edit: I saw on our backend that the support team replied to you yesterday. They have canceled your plan and refunded the charge. Please check your inbox, your ticket number is: #940038.
Thank you!

@Celine_Figma , am also having the issue, I filed a support ticket about 2 days ago plus I even sent an email to their support but I haven’t received any response from anyone. can you help me follow on this. Thanks

Hey Jaberi!
I checked on our backend and you have received a message from yesterday. For your reference, your ticket number is: #945243 . Please also check your spam inbox. ( it’s been sent at your email address:

Hi Celine, Thanks but that’s not my email. my email is

Thanks for the information, I’ve reported to the team.
The first email was listed as the primary email, we have switched with the other one. The support team has resent the email, please have a look at it and let me know if it is ok. Thank you!

@Celine_Figma , I want to personally thank you. The support team has resolved my issue

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Thanks for confirming, happy to help. Glad to hear it’s been solved!