I'd like a way to show/hide rulers

I’m working on a guide plugin. Adding guides while the rulers are hidden is confusing because nothing appears to happen. I’ve built this plugin in multiple other apps where they all support a way to show/hide guides. In those cases, I show the guides when new guides are added. I’d love to do that in Figma as well.

Hey there, I’ve just left you a comment under you first post: https://forum.figma.com/t/is-there-a-way-to-tell-if-rulers-are-visible/60156. Is this what you’re asking for?

Hi @Gayani_S, sorry for the dual threads, but I figured there was a distinction between my question and my request that might be relevant.

I left a similar answer in the other thread, but i’m referring to using the plugin api. There doesn’t appear to be a way to toggle/check ruler (and by extension, guides) visibility.