Deleted team

Hi! Accidentally deleted the command along with an important file. The link to the mail has not arrived

Hey @kssokolovskayaa , thanks for reaching out to the community!
Can you clarify if you have deleted a file or a team?

If you have deleted a team, you can follow the instruction in this article:

Can you please check in your spam folder if you haven’t received the email confirmation? Please also check with your IT department or email administrator if they have a filter set up that’s filtering out emails from our domain.
If so, you’ll want to reach out to them to either have them safelist our domain, or remove that filter so that the emails do arrive successfully.

If this still doesn’t help, please reach out directly to the support so we can check on our back end: here Please also make sure to use your Figma email account (the one you used to delete your team or file)

If you have deleted a file, please follow the steps in this article to restore it:

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your help, but none of this helped. The email did not arrive, and it is also not in spam. The “deleted” is also empty.

Thanks for letting me know. Can you clarify weather it is a file or a team that’s been deleted? I can escalate to our support team.
If it is a team, can you please share the exact team name (letter casing matters here), or if it’s a file, a file URL would be the most helpful for us to investigate. Thank you!