I can't change back a component to a frame anymore

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help me with this.

I am experiencing some troubles with Figma today.

My main problem is that I tried to change a component back to a frame using the option, command + B shortcut, but nothing happened.

Does someone know why this occurred?

In general, I have the impression that the way how components work has changed.
I tried to copy a main components into a new file and it created a new component. That was different before. Before I had a replicant of that main component.

I am a bit confused, tbh.

Could somebody clarify what happend since the last update and how to work with components now? :see_no_evil:

Command-B has never worked this way actually. It has never worked on masters - only on instances. So you may create an instance, detach it and delete the master.