Bug: layer is moving to another component when I frame it

I’m trying to frame an image in a component. When I do that, it moves to another component for no reason. If I click Ctrl + Z, it moves back to the original component and retains the new frame rather than undoing the frame like it’s supposed to. Any ideas on fixing this?

Hi @TS325782,

Can you share your file or attach a screenshot with the panels open, I’m unsure what you mean by “moves to another component” ?

I right-click the layer selected in Screenshot 1, and select “Frame selection”. It then moves to a different component - see Screenshot 2. After I Undo via shortcut, see screenshot 3 - I don’t revert to where I started in Screenshot 1, but it keeps the new Frame “Frame 31” and moves it back to the original component.

hmm, yes now I understand. Looks weird…

it is like something went wrong with the variants at some point. What about if you look at the parent component “Image Cards”, does that look ok to begin with? Are the properties looking ok?

There is no parent component, this is a master component. As for the component group and the individual components, the properties look fine.

Are there any fixes or is there any known effort to fix this on Figma’s end?

If you still have issues with this, you could try to contact Figma.
I’m just a normal user like you, and I’m not aware if this is a bug and if there are any fix for this in the pipeline :slight_smile: