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Unable to copy frames/groups with component instances to new file

Hi everyone,

I’m no longer able to copy an instance of a component to paste between files anymore. I used to be able to do this, and Figma would allow me to copy an instance, and when pasted into a new file, either the “Restore master” option would be available or it would paste it as a detached component instead.

Now, I can’t even copy any group or frame that has an instanced component between files. It doesn’t even paste in a detached version of the components, it essentially pastes in an empty group/frame in place of the component.

The only way for me to do this is to either copy all the relevant masters as well, OR detach every single component instance before I copy/paste…

I’ve tried both using the keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste, using the desktop app’s Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste top-menu settings, as well as the browser version as well.

Anyone else having the same issue, and know how to fix it? I swear that this was working just fine before the weekend!


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Please see Video of this issue in action – showing that I can only copy things over when the component is detached. Uploaded to G-Drive as it’s too big to upload to forum:

This is what shows in the dev console when I copy & paste:

I am having same issue, experienced it for the first time today

@Tabitha_Silva @EthanOB

Can you please reach out to our support team via the in-app help widget or so we can investigate further?

It will also help if you can share access to an example file with so we can try reproducing the issue.

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