I can not close the plugin window

Hi, i’m a beginner in Figma.
Recently i worked on my design system in Figma, i used a plugin, but i can not close the plugin :smiling_face_with_tear:
I can’t find the “X” button to close the plugin. Until now i still dont know how to solve this problem, is there any solution for this issue? Thank you.

You can use Command + Opiton + P restart plugin and you will see the close button.

i have same problem, but that solution is not work for me
how i solve it? thanks :slight_smile:

same as me, i can’t see X button on edge of plugin frame, so if i want to close plugin, i reopen figma again. It’s so disgusting for me, i’ve been try ctrl + alt +p but x button not appear

Use the Close Plugin utility plugin by @Mr.Biscuit (since two plugins can’t run at the same time, running any plugin closes the currently running plugin — and this plugin simply does nothing to allow for that).

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Yes, just use this plugin! It only closes any running plugin, but you can also bind keyboard shortcut to it, to make your workflow more seamless and pro