I accidentally pressed a button and hid all my fills

See screenshot, you’ll see that all my fills have been hidden and only a black outline remains for every object. These were previously filled with colors or images. I searched the community and the only suggestions I’m seeing are pointing me to toggle on/off outlines, which doesn’t solve this.

Hi @Brandon26 ,
Yes, this happened when you activate outline. We recommend you to:

  • Press the keyboard shortcuts ⌘ Command / ControlY or ⇧ ShiftO.
  • Press ⌘ Command / Control/ to search outline in the quick actions menu.

More information in our article : View layer outlines in Figma design

If you are still running into issues, please contact our support team, they can also take a deeper dive into what’s causing this. Hope it helps!

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Thanks Celine! I tried this but it just turned the background gray and made the outlines white. Any other ideas what could be happening? If not I’ll contact support

as you suggested. Thanks!

Hmm, it’s odd! Unfortunately, I am not sure on my end. Yes, please contact the support team and share a copy of your file so they can take a look at it: here. Thank you :slight_smile: