How to set the duration for individual elements in smart animate?

I try to apply different duration to each animation.
It’s easy if use CSS, but I don’t know how to achieve that in Figma.

The unit is ms, not s.

Please tell me how to achieve it.

You’ll have to create in-between states and use After delay as trigger.


Thank you for your reply.
I’ve created using After delay.

However, I’m not sure if this implementation is correct, so please check it.
And if there is a better way, I would appreciate it if you could edit it and exemplify it.

Looks like you’ve got the hang of it :+1:.

I can only view, not edit, but it looks exactly how I would’ve done anyway.

Thank you for confirming.
I’ve changed the permission into editable. If you still can’t edit, it’s ok to duplicate the file in your draft.

I would appreciate it if you could check the file, if possible.

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