How to set a nodes strokeGeometry?

I’ve been able to set node strokes by doing

figma.root.findOne(node=>'963:9758').strokes = [{
        "type": "SOLID",
        "visible": true,
        "opacity": 1,
        "blendMode": "NORMAL",
        "color": {
            "r": 0.886274516582489,
            "g": 0.886274516582489,
            "b": 0.9176470637321472

which adds a border on all sides of the node but I’m trying to set the stroke geometry to only include a border on the bottom but it doesn’t work when I try setting the property

figma.root.findOne(node=>'963:9758').strokeGeometry = [{windingRule: 'NONZERO', data: 'M485 60L0 60L0 62L485 62L485 60Z'}]

Am I missing something or is there a different way to set the stroke geometry using the plugin API?

First of all, don’t do this:

Use figma.getNodeById(id) instead.

Secondly, I don’t think strokeGeometry is what you want. You need strokeWeight instead: RectangleNode | Plugin API