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How to remove user from all the company's files & projects?

Here’s a use case.

We have a company registered in Figma and we give our developers and designers access to projects and files.

Time goes, and suddenly some of them decides to leave a company. What should we do to remove this user from all the files & projects?

Currently our lead designer have to click on every project/file to check for the left colleague there to revoke access to them. How do you solve this problem?

You can see all resources the member has access to from the Members tab in your team.

The thing is that we don’t add developers as members (because we have like a lot of projects and developers just don’t want to deal with all that mess), so we add them exactly to the files or projects they have to work with. As an admin I could find any person that has any kind of access via Search Bar. However, inside the Person Screen only files are shown, but not the projects.
The question is if there is a simple way to close access to one specific user to all the files and projects of the team if this user is not a member of the team?

Got it. So you are dealing with Viewers here, not editors. And in projects instead of files/team… I think this is something you would need to talk to Figma support team about: Submit a request – Figma. And/or create a feature request in the #product-ideas.

@Gleb, do I understand correctly, there’s no way in Figma API to even get info about Members/Viewers?

I was thinking about creating a small script that will find all the projects user have access to, but it looks like the API is mostly about files, not users.

Yes, there is no way to do that via Figma API. Firstly, it’s read-only, secondly it’s only for working with files.

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