How to fill an area that was formed between 2 shapes overlapping each other

Hi everyone,

Started using Figma for some logo designing, and I cannot find out how to properly use the fill/paint bucket tool.

I’ve got 2 circles that overlap each other half way, forming a new shape in between. I’d like to color that center shape, but it ends up coloring either the entire left, or right circle…!

I think your best strategy for this use case is to duplicate the two circles and perform “Intersect selection” on them. This will give you the center shape you can fill and place on top of the two original circles.

In addition, you can use “Subtract selection” to cut out the original circles as well, so you wind up with three separate pieces that you can flatten and put together.

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Thank you for the help ! Your suggestion with the flatten option was exactly what I needed.

I either flatten both layers & then color center, or I flatten both layers, select outline stroke, then color the overlapping center.

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