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How to export images without stroke or rounded corners?

Is there an easy way to export a cropped image from Figma without the rounded corners or stroke?

I know you can get the original image from Inspect > CSS > Table, but this is the full resolution image and I want to save a step in the process (instead of downloading that image, resizing in photoshop, etc.) by having the rescaled image exported straight from Figma.

Am I missing something or is this simple functionality not available?

It is not possible but it sounds like a good suggestion, so I’d recommend you to edit this topic and turn it into a suggestion in #product-ideas category.

I am sorry that i comment this in here but no one give me answer anywhere. Im just starting with design and I have problem with table in figma, I would like the corners to be rounded as shown in the attached picture. I’ve made an outline for each individual rectangle here (which doesn’t work with the tables in weekly and monthly views). I’ve seen other ways of creating tables, i.e. adding a line to each rectangle and hiding some, but then I can’t make round corners.