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How do I turn on/off frame names on the canvas?

Help! I have been using Figma for a long time and have never run into this issue. The names of all my frames, components, groups, etc are no longer visible on the canvas. I’ve concluded that it must be some sort of account preference because this has happened on all my files.

I don’t remember hitting anything weird or pressing accidental buttons, but something happened and I have scoured the internet and cannot find the solution.

The attached image is a screenshot of two frames on my canvas. Normally, it would show the name of the frames right above, but they’re missing (and these frames are not nested within another frame).

I have tried changing almost every preference, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

That’s frustrating. I haven’t come across this problem myself (I know that I can wrap a frame in a group if I want to hide the name, but haven’t found a way to turn it off/on globally)

Does this problem persist on both the Figma app and in the browser?
And does this happen across other browsers as well?

I actually checked on Chrome (I normally use the desktop app) and it was back to normal. So I just restarted the desktop app and it was fixed. Not sure what caused it in the first place but must have been a glitch!

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