Hiding system fonts in font picker

The list of fonts in the font picker is incredibly long (even with Google Fonts hidden), so I wanted a way to shorten it to quickly reach the 5 or so fonts I actually use. Is there any way to hide these extra fonts? I really hate jumping between my keyboard and mouse to search for my fonts.

On Windows 10, I tried setting unwanted fonts to “Hide” from the control panel but they still appear in Figma’s font picker even though they’re hidden in other apps like Paint.

From what I gather, “Hide” is supposed to allow hidden fonts to render but prevent them from appearing from font pickers in other apps. However, not all apps adhere to this (Figma, Xd, Illustrator, and Word to name a few). If there’s any way to enable this somehow I’d love to be able to do it.

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Disabling Google Fonts does a lot de-cluttering, but system fonts are also pretty annoying. For the average product design workflow, you’re likely only using a few families at most. I tend to add/remove (or disable/enable) only the typefaces I’m using for each individual project.

So it would be nice to have a way to tell Figma to only look at what’s in my user library, and not my system’s library.

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I wish I could remove the hundreds of default system fonts that appear. Noto has so many language options that it’s cumbersome. Sketch doesn’t show all these by default. Sketch also shows the fonts in style so it’s easy to pick as well. What’s the problem in Figma?

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