Manually installed Google fonts not showing in Figma

Ok, this is a weird one.

I want to use Google fonts but don’t want to enable all of them in Figma. However, my manually installed Google fonts are not showing in Figma font picker.

Does Figma hides all Google fonts if I don’t have Show Google Fonts enabled in preferences?

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This is a bug, please report it to Figma support team via the bug report form. Attach screenshots and specific examples of fonts that are affected.

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Bug report submitted. Thanks for the reminder.

Gleb, is there a way to know if a bug report was received and maybe even get an update on it? I have the same issue, it bothers a lot. I have submitted a bug report 3 days ago. Thank you!

No google fonts are showing in Figma for me either, please advise? Desktop app, latest MacOS.

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