Hide unmarked sections and frames when entering Dev Mode

When entering Dev Mode all frames and sections remain visible, regardless of if they are marked “ready for dev” or not. When entering Dev Mode, it would be nice to hide all elements not marked “ready for dev”, in order to add more clarity around what is ready. This would be especially helpful when files are dense with visuals and ideation.


This is a very good idea! Our devs struggle to find the correct screens. Hiding all elements not marked as “Ready for dev” is a quick and easy way to make the important parts more visible.

Great idea

Hey everybody and especially @Brendan_Murphy,

I created a small, lightweight plugin that basically does this. It simply hides all elements that are not placed inside of sections that are marked as “Ready for dev”. You can of course show all elements again by selecting an option from the plugins menu. I’m still fixing some things but its already working.


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I native way to exclude elements from dev mode would be amazing. I have many pre-made components that I use for markup, which creates noise within dev mode. A way to flag only the frames or components that are required to be reviewed would greatly improve dev mode function within my work flow.

Possibly adopt the _ or . label prefix, which follows the established mental modal of excluding a component from a shared library. This same pattern could be applied to dev mode.

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