Have the option to Add the Frames/Page's Actual Names in the Prototype's Demo/Presentation View

We were doing presentations and rechecking the demos by Pages and it is really hard to pin-point what was the actual page’s name with just the numbers below.

I think it’ll be a great feature or option for the presentation mode to actually see what was the name of the pages or frames that they are currently on.

Yes, I know of that feature. What I was suggesting is that instead of the < {current page} / {total number of pages}> that we see in the Presentation Mode of Figma right now, that there’d be an option for users to see something like Actual Name of the Page that they are currently in instead of just the Current Page that they are in.

It would be convenient for those who are working mainly on rechecking and following the flow of the pages that they are currently in.

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Please leave your feedback and vote in the thread at the link above.

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