"Enhancing Figma's Prototype Navigation for Large Projects: A Request for Improved Frame/Page Search Functionality

Hello Figma team,

I’m encountering an issue with the Figma prototype, or rather, it would be greatly appreciated if you could address it. I’m working on an intricate project, creating a dashboard with nearly a hundred frames. To connect all these frames using prototype lines, I need to assign each one a very specific name to distinguish them from one another. It becomes quite exhausting to manually connect all these frames by selecting “navigate to” and then searching for the frame I wish to link to, especially with such a large number of frames to manage. Figma lacks a tooltip feature to help identify each frame, which is made more challenging by my lengthy layer names. Consequently, I find this situation quite frustrating as I’m forced to verify each page/frame one by one when inspecting the prototype lines.

I kindly request that you consider implementing a search engine within the interaction menu to facilitate the process of locating frames/pages or, alternatively, provide a tooltip feature to display the full page name within the interaction menu.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Hey Armansyah, we appreciate your feedback! I’ve merged your post with a similar post so community members can read your feedback under the main post.