Fonts: Support of Color Fonts?

Dear Figma Support Team,

I am writing to inquire about the current support for color fonts in Figma. As a designer, I greatly appreciate the versatility and creative possibilities that color fonts bring to my work.

I have recently been experimenting with various color font formats, such as OpenType-SVG and COLR/CPAL, which allow for intricate multi-colored typography. However, I have encountered some challenges when attempting to utilize these fonts within Figma’s design environment.

It appears that Figma currently lacks full support for color fonts, as I have experienced difficulties with the proper rendering and editing of these fonts within the platform. It would be immensely beneficial if Figma could extend its capabilities to fully embrace color fonts, enabling designers like myself to fully explore the potential they offer.

Color fonts have become increasingly popular, allowing for more expressive and engaging designs across various mediums. With their ability to incorporate vibrant colors and intricate details directly into the font glyphs, they have become an essential tool for many designers. Thus, having native support for color fonts within Figma would undoubtedly enhance the overall design experience and open up new creative avenues for its users.

I kindly request that the Figma team consider prioritizing the implementation of comprehensive color font support. This could involve improving the rendering and editing capabilities for color fonts, allowing for seamless integration and manipulation within Figma’s design canvas.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I truly believe that adding support for color fonts in Figma would be a valuable addition to an already exceptional design tool. I look forward to any updates or insights you can provide on this topic.

Karan Makawana
Lead UXI Designer

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I just stumbled into pretty much exactly this issue not a day later. Thanks for writing this up so nicely as well!