Folders in Assets disappeared

Hi Figmates, I suspect some finger trouble as my folders in my Assets layout disappeared, but the main components are still visible. Resuming my course it just got worse and now my variant also disappeared in the Assets layout. In essence my Asset layout is going from bad to worse. Please help. TIA.

Hello, few questions to help sort things out:

  1. Do you see anything when you open your Assets menu? Local components?
  2. What happens when you try to search for anything?
  3. Do you have a library connected to your file?
  4. Only components show up in Assets menu - so what do you mean by “variants disappeared from Assets layout”?

Let us know. Screenshot could also help.

Hi Yehia, Thanks for the reply. When I open the Assets menu, all my components are there, but not listed in folders. It’s the folders that disappeared, not the actual components. All the components are listed, but I don’t know where they were created. At this stage in the course, I have not tried to search for something. Also, libraries are not part of where I am in the course. By variants disappearing, I mean when I want to group components into a variant, I can do that. But then both components nor the ‘replacement’ component appear in the Assets panel. Now I am left with no folders in my Assets panel, and the remaining components in the Assets panel lack the variant I created. So I am left with one component in the Assets panel, with no idea where it was created, and my variant does not show in the Assets panel. I will try the screenshot later. Geez, I feel like the utmost newbie.

Here is my screenshot. I just created the variant on my Components page but in the Assets panel, the two seperate components do not show. I hope this helps.

It seems like you have something typed in your search bar, which is probably filtering your components to see only the BTN Small one. I think you have a space in there, so only components that has the space letter will appear.

Try clicking on the X button at the top next to the search bar to clear the search.


It did the trick! I cannot thank you enough. Now my studies will stay on schedule. I thank you once again. Best regards, Suzette.

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