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Fixed position while scrolling

When I apply ‘fixed position while scrolling’ to a button, I am not able to view that button in the Figma mirror.

Hi @Shweta, did you set the constraints correctly?

I have applied the constraints correctly. It just disappears when I fix the position of any element

Could you share a link to the file?

It’s a work-related and confidential document, cannot share it.

The process I follow is:
Adding a component to the mainframe > Selecting ‘fix position while scrolling’ > set the constraints

The component is shown in the ‘fixed’ section of the layers panel (Please refer to the image below). But it does not appear when I view the mainframe in mirror or prototype.

layer panel

Unfortunately, I am unable to recreate this problem.

Try copying the “yeteh” frame to a new file and running the prototype.

Is the fixed element still disappearing?

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