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Filling multiple frames with different images from a folder

I’ve just moved to Figma from Sketch and on the whole, it’s been brilliant. BUT, there is a massive hole in my workflow that I can’t find a solution for.

I have a local folder full of images that I want to use at random to populate a mockup. So for example, I’ll have a component that is just a frame with an image fill which I’ll duplicate several times and I want each instance to fill with a random image from the collection I have.

In Sketch I could use the native Data feature to do this and every image could be refreshed with a new one at random with just one click. But in Figma I can’t find anything, or any plugin to do this. There is the unsplash plugin, but I need it to populate with my own images.

Even if it wasn’t a random image, and I could use the Place tool to fill an existing component, that would be a help.

The Content Reel plugin can do this.

Thanks Grant, I had a play around with that but there are a few issues which make it really limiting.

  • I doesn’t work with frames inside a component
  • It only supports images up to 50kb
  • You can only upload 20 images at a time with total size of 100kb
  • It converts all image fitting to ‘Fill’ even though I had it originally set to ‘Fit’