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How to populate designs with custom content and refresh it? (Looking for plugins)

Hey everyone,

I’m a long-time Sketch user currently migrating everything to Figma. It’s been quite a fun and rewarding process, already seeing huge benefits in the switch. One feature I miss dearly (other than Tints) is the Data feature from Sketch, I was wondering what the equivalents of that are in Figma (plugins, I guess?)

I’m working with a very particular set of data, user names, post content, images, etc. In Sketch, I would connect my Symbols to a Data source such as “Posts (images)”, “Profile Pictures”, “English Names”, “Relative Time”. That way, I could insert them into designs, create duplicates, and then click cmd+shift+D so that each Instance would be populated with a random name, timestamp, profile picture from my data set.

I found Content Reel, but the process of selecting a layer and clicking a data source every time is very tedious. Is there any way I could “bind” certain data to certain components and be able to refresh them on each instance? If not, do you have any workflow suggestions for working with preexisting data for dummy content (no Lorem Ipsum)?



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